IMG S, IMG D, IMG H, IMG L and IMG T Series

Its exceptional manoeuvrability, its mounting bracket compatible with other Indeco products, the efficiency of its hydraulic system which ensures maximum precision in handling and is cheap to run – just some of the extra qualities that make Indeco IMG jaws such safe and reliable partners.


The five different models of Indeco IMG jaws run on the same hydraulic system, combined with the 360° rotation mechanism found on all of Indeco’s other rotating products. Its innovative design features, specifically created to handle each product variant, and its use of special HARDOXŽ wear-resistant steels, have helped to combine some key features such as outstanding robustness and light weight, as well as above-average payload and gripping force. IMG S - Sorting jaws Indeco IMG S sorting jaws are the ideal tools for sorting waste materials from demolition work, from clearing stony ground, and from dredging of rivers and seas.

IMG S - Sorting jaws
Indeco IMG S sorting jaws are the ideal tools for sorting waste materials from demolition work, from clearing stony ground, and from dredging of rivers and seas.

IMG D - Demolition Sorting Jaws
Indeco IMG D demolition sorting jaws are ideal for light demolition jobs, such as demolishing wood and brick structures, and can also be used to select and handle waste materials. Their unique structure, outstanding manoeuvrability, power and high payload are ideal for recycling and recovery.

IMG H - 3+2 Material Handling Jaws
Designed to facilitate handling of large objects such as scrap metal, vehicles for demolition, and other demolition scrap, their hydraulic rotation system and the strength of their interlocking teeth provide a safe powerful grip.

IMG L - Loading Jaws
The geometry of the Indeco IMG L loading jaws is designed for maximum load, making them ideal for moving earth, gravel, sand, mud, boulders, agricultural and industrial waste, urban waste, minerals, etc.

IMG T - Timber Jaws
Designed to combine maximum gripping force with the lightest possible weight, Indeco IMG T grabs facilitate the handling of large tree trunks in forestry operations.
  • 1 High-pressure hydraulic cylinder provides better gripping force and demolition performance.
  • 2 Protective casing for the cylinder and internal lever controls.
  • 3 Synchronized jaws enable smooth movements and handling of thin materials
  • 4 Frame and jaws made from HARDOX© wear-resistant steel.
  • 5 Jaws interchangeable according to the material to be handled and the specific use required.
  • 6 Interchangeable and reversible wear blades; teeth can be mounted to improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.
  • 7 Heat-treated pins.
  • 8 End-of-stroke cushion for cylinder.
  • 9 Innovative design provides better grip and improves manoeuvrability, with above-average load volume.
  • 10 Protection valves for hydraulic rotation.
  • 11 Equipped with full 360° hydraulic rotation for better grip under any working conditions.


* The operating weight of the equipment includes mounting bracket compatible with Indeco construction standards. Any differences in weight may be due to a different mounting bracket configuration.

N.B. All illustrations and numerical data in this catalog are purely indicative and subject to change at our discretion and without notice.. We therefore reserve the right to modify them with a view to improving and continuously developing our product.


Mounting brackets
Each mounting bracket model can be used with all Indeco products in the same class.

Connecting hoses
We recommend using original Indeco high- and low-pressure hoses to connect various tools to the hydraulic system on the carrier.

Wear blades
Interchangeable and reversible wear blades for greater efficiency and lower maintenance costs; teeth can be mounted.

Quick change teeth - IMG
Teeth with quick-change inserts are available upon request. Easy to replace during maintenance, they are ideal for use in quarries, where the equipment is subject to consistently high levels of wear and tear.